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  • Free apps, games downloads:

    Click on the Android 91 mobile phone market or assistant, pea pods and other installation platform, free application and selection of the love game, click on the download, download automatically on the screen after the drop-down menu, click Install; (if the installation display does not allow installation of an unknown source {}, only need to click the menu button, select system settings, click {} security selection allows the installation of unknown sources can).

    Note: (1) and the icon is the function menu key, part of the machine icon is not the same;

    (2) the icon and the normal physical key function are the same, mainly used to return to the main screen and the length

    Press exit to open the application;

  • SMS:

    1. Q: how to send short messages?

    Answer: click on the button on the main screen, enter the information interface, click on the bottom left of the screen button to create a new message, the receiver input mobile phone number or click to add recipients of information, type information content, click on the button to send;

    2, how to insert the contacts and phone numbers in the content of the message?

    Answer: click the menu key when editing SMS and choose to insert contacts;

    2, ask: how to edit the good information stored in draft?

    Answer: add the recipient to edit the message, click the button can be;

    3. Q: how to send MMS?

    Answer: (1) when editing short messages, click the button on the top right of the screen to add photos, video, audio and other documents, the short message will become MMS, the normal send can;

    (2) when some Android models need to edit messages, click the menu button first, and then click the add file, and the short message will become MMS, which can be sent normally;

    4, Q: how to view new SMS / MMS?

    Answer: when receiving new SMS / MMS, click the drop-down menu in the notice column to see the new SMS / MMS; or the main screen click on the button to enter the information view;

    5. Q: how to forward information?

    Answer: press the message you want to forward until you pop up a window and select "forward";

    6. Q: how to delete information?

    Answer: (1) delete a single message: long click the information you want to delete until a pop-up window, select "delete" can be;

    (2) delete multiple information: click the menu key at the dialogue interface, select "delete information", click the information in the dialogue to select multiple, click the delete button on the bottom right of the screen to delete;

    (3) delete the whole dialogue: press the dialogue you want to delete until the delete button appears below the screen, and choose to delete it;

    (4) delete multiple dialogs: press the dialog you want to delete until the delete button appears below the screen. A number representing the selected dialog will appear on the top right of the screen, and you can choose multiple dialogs to delete;

    (5) delete all dialogs: click the menu key at the information interface, and choose to delete all conversations;

  • Display:

    1. Q: how to change the screen brightness?

    Answer: open Settings - equipment (display) - brightness, according to the need to adjust;

    2, Q: how to change cell phone wallpaper?

    Answer 1: open the settings - equipment (display) - wallpaper replacement; the long blank according to the main screen, select the replacement in the pop-up window;

    3. Q: how to turn on / off the automatic screen?

    Answer 1: open the settings - equipment (display) - automatically rotate the screen to the drop-down menu, click the shortcut switch automatically turn screen

    Question 4: how to set the font size of the system?

    Answer: open Settings - device (display) - font size

    5: ask: how to set the screen automatic lock screen time?

    Answer: open Settings - device (display) - sleep

  • Network:

    1. Q: how to use mobile phones to access Internet through 3G network and GPRS?

    Answer: in the screen drop-down menu, open the data connection, you can access the internet;

    2. Q: how to use WIFI to access the Internet?

    Answer: settings - Wireless and network (open WLAN) - select the wireless network you want to connect to - enter the password - connect;

    3, ask: how to use mobile phones to download pictures, music, video and other documents from the network?

    Answer: open the mobile browser, access to the relevant web site, according to the prompt download, the downloaded file is saved in the SDCard/Download folder;

    4: ask: how to use mobile phone GPS navigation?

    Answer: in the drop-down menu to open GPS, open the phone installed on the navigation map (Kai Lide, navigation dog, etc.), according to the navigation map operation method can operate;

  • Telephone and telephone book:

    1. question: how to make a phone call?

    Answer: enter the phone number at the Dialer Interface and click the dial button;

    2. question: how to answer / refuse to listen to the phone?

    Answer: when the incoming call, press and hold the answer button to drag to the right green button, you can answer; drag to the red button on the left side refused to listen;

    3. question: how to add contacts?

    Answer: open the address book, click the button on the bottom right of the screen, select the saved position, determine the name and phone number of the contact person, click on the top left of the screen "complete";

    4. question: how to delete contacts?

    Answer: open the address book, click the contacts, click the key, pop-up menu, choose to delete;

    5. question: how to quickly find contacts?

    Answer: open the mail list, slide to the right to contact "Shutiao alphabet" normal sliding screen can lookup;

    Question 6.: how do you record conversations?

    Answer: in the call state, click the menu key, and then click to start recording, hang up the phone, the recording automatically saved;

  • Mobile phone function:

    1: ask: how to add widgets?

    Answer: press the widget you want to add, and hold it to the blank of the main screen;

    2: ask: how to add the application icon to the main screen?

    Answer: in the main menu interface, long click the application icon you want to add to the main screen, drag directly to the blank screen;

    3. Q: how do you delete the application icon / widget on the main screen?

    Answer: drag the application icon / widget to the "X delete" at the top of the main screen;

    4: ask: how to move the application icon on the main screen?

    Answer: press the application icon to move to the location you want;

    Question 5: how do you create a new folder on the main screen?

    Answer: the two or more application icons on the main screen can be stacked together to form a folder, and can be named folder;

    6: Q: how to screen and save screenshots?

    Answer: at the same time according to the power button and volume "-" key, you can screen and automatically save the screenshot picture;

    7, ask: how to restore mobile phone factory settings?

    Answer: settings - personal (backup and reset) - restore factory settings

    8: Q: how to quickly switch situational mode?

    Answer: in the phone drop-down menu above the toolbar, you can quickly switch

    9: Q: how to view the system version of the phone?

    Answer: settings - system (on mobile phones)

    10: ask: how to set unlock password?

    Answer: settings - personal (Security) - screen security (screen lock) - select the screen lock (pattern /PIN/ password), according to the prompt operation after the completion of preservation;

  • Device connection:

    1. Q: how do you connect your cell phone to your computer?

    Answer: the data line end is inserted into the mobile phone data interface, the other end is inserted into the USB interface of the computer, mobile phone in the drop-down menu and click Connect as a media device, can change the connection way; if you want to connect to the mobile phone through the mobile phone assistant, pea pods and other needs, in the setting of system (developers check the USB debugging option);

    2. Q: how do you connect Bluetooth devices?

    Answer: in settings - wireless network and Bluetooth (Bluetooth) - open, mobile phone will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices and strung out, click on the need to connect devices were matched according to the system that can be carried out after successfully paired data sharing;

    Question 3: how to use Bluetooth to transfer files

    Answer: open the mobile phone Bluetooth and match successfully, in the file manager to find you want to send the file, long press this file until the pop-up operation window, choose to share, through Bluetooth, prompted by the system operation can be;

  • Video camera:

    1: ask: how to use mobile phones to take pictures?

    Answer: open your cell phone camera, pointing at the scene, press the shutter;

    2: question: how to use mobile phone video?

    Answer: open your cell phone camera, switch to video mode, click the start button;

    3. Q: how do you see the photos and videos taken?

    Answer: open the gallery, click on photos or videos, or in the camera state, click on the lower right corner of the small gallery to view;

    4. Q: how to switch front / back camera when taking photos / videos?

    Answer: click the button to switch on the camera / video interface;

  • Multi-Media:

    1: Q: how to view pictures / photos on mobile phones?

    Answer: open the library program, the program will automatically scan the phone pictures / photos and display thumbnails, click to view;

    2, ask: how to zoom in on the picture?

    Answer: in view of the picture, by finger kneading can reduce / enlarge the picture;

    3. Q: how to listen to music?

    Answer: open the music program, the program will automatically scan the music on the phone and arrange display, click to play;

    4, ask: how to set the phone songs to call ringtones?

    Answer: in the music program songs list, long press the favorite songs until a pop-up window, choose to use the phone ring can be;