Woori 2015 employees annual meeting was held
Column:Company News Time:2015-02-12
"2015 Woori staff annual meeting was held in Shenzhen city tangchao seafood city two floor lounge

Ten thousand steeds gallop. old words, Sanyangkaitai spring! The evening of February 7, 2015 7:00, "2015 Woori staff annual meeting was held in Shenzhen city tangchao seafood city two floor lounge. From the company's headquarters and subsidiary of favorable electronic core management team, Pingshan science and Technology Industrial Park Management Office, a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting.

The theme of this year's meeting is "tomorrow will be better", the whole year will be in a warm, peaceful, festive, warm atmosphere. From the party office director Wang Yingchun presided over and announced the start of the annual meeting, the general manager of the company chairman Mr. Wu Jianping, Ms. Hao Zhihui has a speech at the annual meeting of the company in 2014 first, Hao total work is reviewed, she said, in 2014, all staff together to attack the storm tough, in the economic environment is not very good situation still calmly, and have achieved certain results, thanks to the joint efforts of all staff, then on 2015 she made specific prospect and deployment, she believes that as long as we work together, a heart to think that the company will be better tomorrow. Wu said in his speech, in addition to thank all the staff a year of hard work, also stressed that, in the past year, the company to meet the needs of the market, adjust the major organizational change and business transformation, and has gradually formed a strong force, that is, people Woori indestructiblestrength Our wills unite like a fortress., will promote the company continues to advance; facing the challenges and hopes to 2015, full of confidence, all the staff together, the company's former glory recast. Hao Zonghe Wu's speech, passionate, inspiring, the majority of employees, have said they would have succeeded in carrying out an assignment work. Subsequently, the company R & D center, production center, domestic and overseas sales channels, center, Pingshan factory responsible for the summary of people were working in 2014, and made a solemn commitment to 2015 sales tasks and objectives, the full confidence of Woori, people believe, love to fight will win, Human effort is the decisive factor., every promise will be turned into reality power, Woori will also sway the wisdom and sweat, will face more challenges!

Subsequently, the annual meeting of the red exciting sweepstakes, the prizes are all red envelopes of cash prizes, the winning rate of up to 100% employees, good luck, happy, will provoke a burst of and climax. The late 11:00, ended the year will not "better" in tomorrow's music.

The annual meeting is not only a year-end thank employees, summed up the exchange of the general assembly, and 2015 battle Woori mobilization meeting. Through this meeting, the cohesion of the people, enhance the confidence of employees, deepen the trust and understanding between employees and companies, laid a solid foundation for the work in 2015.

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