Rise of responsibility
Column:Company News Time:2014-06-06
Warmly celebrate the Woori company was founded in 18th anniversary

The flight of time, Time flies like a shuttle. Today is June 6, 2014, the company is Woori's 18 birthday, I wish you good Happy birthday, good luck in everything, Business Flourishes!

18 years in history, only a short moment, but it is hard pioneer, Woori, growing development in 18 years. In 18 years, Woori, along the way, way ahead, stand together through storm and stress, companies from small to large, has become the R & D, production and sales of three-in-one national high-tech enterprises in Futian District and the leading private enterprise, has 4 storey building business space Pengji 5000 square meters and office building area of 80 thousand square meters of Woori science and Technology Industrial Park, fully highlight the company's comprehensive strength, laid the foundation for the further development of enterprises.

Woori 18 years have become indifferent to the surge high and sweep forward, our memories, trials and hardships, we still have to go ahead, 18 years, Woori much a confident, calm and calm. Under the new situation, in the face of fierce competition in the market, the company size up the situation, the various departments to formulate and specify specific goals and tasks. The company under the good governance, is to seize the mobile TD development opportunity to go this year, focus on 4G pay close attention to product quality and product sales!

"Never a savior, nor an Immortal Emperor."! It is up to us to create human happiness!" This is how the Internationale sings. At the age of 18 in the occasion of Woori, adult, we set "these 6 words - liability growth rise", which is not only a social responsibility and mission, is the company's eighteen year old teenager, based on the social life in full bloom "is a pledge, Woori will charge!

Riding a boat behind! As the Iron Man Road, chamc!

"The burden of growth rise", as Woori, everyone must establish a sense of responsibility, with a total growth of the company, firmly establish the "enterprises Hing I-wing, enterprises bad I shame!" The concept of honor and disgrace, spirits, solidarity, dedication, from scratch, give full play to subjective initiative, gathering positive energy, we firmly believe that the Woori, Woori will regain their former glory, Woori's tomorrow will be better!

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