Where there is love, there is hope
Column:Company News Time:2013-01-14
Woori headquarters to carry out Bagualing factory employees Yang Caigui Fundraiser

The Yang Caigui family's misfortune affects every Woori people's heart, to keep him out of trouble as soon as possible, return to the Woori family, January 10th, issued by the office of Yang Caigui for a donation to the initiative of all my colleagues in the company, called on everyone to Yang Caigui love.

In order to facilitate donations, under the leadership of the office, the company branch of the party's concerted efforts, at 11:50 January 10th - 12:30, in the sky garden carried out "collective donation activities."".

The 12 point is the staff at noon rush hour, Wu, Wu, Hong Zong, more than the total total, Wang et al. Take the lead in donations, off-duty staff have "love in the red box" before the stop, put a coin into the fall over each other "love box": 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan...... Give Yang Caigui his own heart and blessing. Donated money to some employees do not go down, some employees temporarily no money borrowed money into the donation box colleagues ". Although the amount of money is small, it expresses the simple heart and sincere feelings of the employees. The scenes touching scenes that Woori solidarity is a perfect interpretation!

Particularly impressive is that, on the afternoon of 10, two from other companies and courier company staff are employees who donate enthusiastically scene deeply touched, they will not hesitate to from the wallet out of 200 yuan investment......

As of January 11th at nine a.m., received donations totaling 20859 yuan.

A difficult one, help comes from all quarters ", is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is also the Woori people's behavior. This is Yang Caigui fundraiser not only expressed Woori people's love, more reflect our precious quality with Woori, helpfulness, boat and the blood brothers Department into the water of the noble sentiments!

Today, Yang Caigui's father was Chunan County People's Armed Police Hospital, he has repeatedly expressed the hope that through the Woori Party branch, office thanks to the care and love of his people.

Where there is love, there is hope! Let's wish father Yang a speedy recovery!