Woori company Party branch
Column:Company News Time:2012-09-28
Yu Zhonghua served as Party branch secretary of the company

Recently, the Shenzhen Futian new economy and new social organization committee has issued the "approved" on the establishment of Shenzhen unitone Electronics Co., Ltd. Branch and "on the Shenzhen unitone Electronics Co., the Secretary of the Party branch election results report", more than the company secretary of the party branch. From then on, marking the Woori company branch was formally established.

As the leading private enterprises in Shenzhen unitone Electronics Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in mobile communication terminal research and development, production and sales as one of the. Nearly 17 years since its establishment, the company has developed into a group of 10 affiliated enterprises, with a total number of employees of more than 3000 people. The increasing number of staff members, so that party members can be found in time for the party organization and can live a normal life in the organization, the two new Futian District Committee's concern and support, the company office to actively take the lead, through the mobilization and intense preparation, the company timely submitted "on the establishment of the Party branch to apply for" Woori company two new, Futian District Committee according to the relevant procedures and requirements, agreed and approved the company's application for woori.

The establishment of Woori company Party branch, to enhance employee cohesion and deepen the core values of the enterprise, promoting the building of enterprise culture will play a positive role in promoting, has an important historical significance in the development of the company. I believe in the Secretary under the leadership of the company Party branch will have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, highlighting the exemplary role of Party members in the company's business activities, Party continue to strengthen the sense of service, to achieve the company's development and the construction of the party interaction win-win; the company is striving to become "Party branch construction enterprises need, Party members are welcome, staff support the boss, the support of the enterprise grass-roots party organizations, to make contribution to construct harmonious enterprise employee relationship!