China Mobile: TD terminal sales expected to reach 7000-8000
Column:Company News Time:2013-10-30
TD terminal sales are expected to reach 7000-8000

C114 news July 27th morning news, held this morning in the "2012 TD smart terminal and mobile Internet forum, general manager of China Mobile terminal company Wang Hengjiang said, TD terminal sales is expected to reach 7000-8000 million.

According to Wang Hengjiang introduction, in the first half of the year, TD terminal has more than 50 new partners, reaching nearly 300 partners. 1-7 months TD network test terminal reached 193 models, in 2013 at least 10 more than TD universal smart chip listing, mainstream chip manufacturers are involved in it.

It is worth mentioning that, TD terminal product performance and competitive products, part of the index is better than competing products, part of the TD terminal product failure rate is better than W terminal products." Wang Hengjiang believes that the scale of development is particularly important for the single market in the TD industry, with the rapid increase of quality, cost-effective TD terminal, TD terminal will accelerate, TD terminal sales is expected to reach 7000-8000 million.